TOKYO SUSTAINABLE FINANCE WEEKTokyo Sustainable Finance Week 2022

This seminar is presented only in Japanese.

Finacial Seminar for Young People ~ Financial literacy for Young worker and Student ~

The Tokyo metropolitan government will be holding a financial seminar as an initiative to embody the “improvement of financial literacy” as set out in the “‘Global Financial City: Tokyo’ Vision 2.0.” This seminar is designed mainly for young people including young workers and university students to learn about family budget management, asset building, investing and other financial topics through video streaming. Please enjoy watching the videos.
*This seminar is available for everyone.


Family budget management and life planning

  • keeping track of income and expenditure
  • using household accounts book applications
  • three big expenditures in life (education, housing and post-retirement)
  • life planning

Asset building

  • characteristics of major financial instruments (stocks, bonds and investment trusts)
  • relationship between risk and return
  • effects of long-term, reserve and diversified investment plans
  • overview of installment-type NISA and iDeCo schemes


Financial Education Professional
Shuntaro Tsukamoto

Shuntaro has worked over 20 years for global asset management companies as a fund manger and product specialist. After that, he joined Financial Services Agency in charge of financial economic education, giving lectures to high school students, college students and working professionals. He also drove the initiatives to create financial economic education materials for high school students and “Unko Money Drill” for elementary school students. He is now a freelance economic education professional to deliver insights on financial literacy and asset building. He is a secretary for CFA Society Japan and a ProPicker of NewsPicks. His twitter is @shuntarotsu.
Shunaro received his bachelor’s degree in policy management from Keio University and his master’s degree in international relations from Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

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