TOKYO SUSTAINABLE FINANCE WEEKTokyo Sustainable Finance Week 2022
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event date : 7 October 2022

First Global Green Transformation Conference(GGX)

Event Outline

More than 140 countries have announced 2050 net zero emission/carbon neutral so far. However, tangible discussion on how to achieve these goals are still immature. In our pathway to these goals, we are surrounded by unresolved discussions such as (1) what the market should be like for green products to be recognized as a “value”, (2) what is “value” and how should it be evaluated, and (3) how should we be cooperating internationally. Achieving our ambitious goals affects each and every one of our social lives. At the Global GX Conference (GGX), we will discuss for the first time, how we can envisage the change in society and how to drive economic growth and development through emissions mitigation, in other words global Green Transformation (GX).

In order to deepen these discussions, the Global GX Conference will feature high-level speeches from industry, government, and academia, as well as events and panel discussions on the issues raised above.

“How can we create a society where people want to buy green products because they are ‘high quality’ and ‘accessible’?”, “How can the diffusion of green products be recognized as a value?”, and “What international cooperation is required to promote climate action?”. These a some of the guiding questions we would like to deepen our discussion during the conference.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Date and time
7 October 2022 13:00-18:30(JST)
Event type
Hybrid (Onsite, Online)
Iino Hall & Conference Center (Tokyo, Japan)
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