TOKYO SUSTAINABLE FINANCE WEEKTokyo Sustainable Finance Week 2022
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event date : 6~8 October 2022


Event Outline

SDGs AICHI EXPO 2022, the third SDGs AICHI EXPO, will promote more concrete partnerships among various actors and generations, with the main objective of realizing “Aichi Partnership for Future Co-Creation” to solve international and regional issues.

Towards 2030, it is necessary to solve various issues facing the region in an integrated manner with the environment as a starting point, and to simultaneously realize all social themes such as a decarbonized society, a recycling-oriented society, a society in harmony with nature, and a diverse society under the partnership.

SDGs AICHI EXPO2022 is a rare event that brings together multiple actors and generations, including companies, local governments, NPOs, schools and universities, and aims to co-create new partnerships for the future that are appropriate for the SDG era.

SDGs AICHI EXPO Executive Committee
Date and time
6~8 October 2022 10:00~17:00(JST)
Event type
Hybrid (Onsite, Online)
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SDGs AICHI EXPO Executive Committee
Tel:052-971-6233(Weekday 10:00〜17:00)

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