TOKYO SUSTAINABLE FINANCE WEEKTokyo Sustainable Finance Week 2022
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event date : 5 October 2022

TCFD Summit 2022

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As financial institutions become increasingly important in pushing for stronger climate change countermeasures, there is a growing international tendency to make disclosure of climate-related financial information compulsory for companies. This is the goal of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), established per the G20’s request for a framework for such disclosures. At this year’s TCFD Summit, industry and financial leaders will discuss what disclosures should look like in order to ensure that investors can properly appraise transition and innovation efforts—an important part of improving the quality of disclosures and achieving carbon neutrality based on shared international rules—and ensure that said disclosures will encourage financing. Participants will also speed up the flow of financing to help companies achieve carbon neutrality.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
WBCSD, TCFD Consortium
Date and time
5 October 2022 13:00~17:40(JST)
Event type
Hybrid (Onsite, Online)
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